Relieving Your Cough And Cold With Daily Water Intake

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According to Ministry of Health Malaysia, cough and cold are commonly happened, until the happen of Covid-19. An adult usually experiences cold two to five times a year whereas children and geriatrics may get affected at a higher rate. Cough and cold are the self-defences mechanisms that occur to prevent germ infections.


The common symptoms of cold are runny nose, fever, sore throat, etc. The medical prescription that available in pharmacy only fight the symptoms but not the virus. There are several ways to prevent cough and cold, such as wash hand frequently and vitamins intake. However, most of us had neglected the easiest and important way, which is sufficient water intake.


The water helps to flush out the toxins in the body prevent the produce of phlegm. When we are having cough and cold, our body needs more water. Without sufficient water, you may be facing high fever, which can make the cold and cough worsen.


Also, drinking hot water can help to soothing the sore throat and help with decongestion. Gargling with salt water can effectively makes you feel better when having cough and cold. Drinking sufficient of water can help to keep the lung lubricated, loosen the phlegm, and soothing the irritated throat.


Besides of preventing, water can help the patient feels better too. So, it is important to drink filtered or purified water. Drinking contaminated water can add more toxins and burden to our body which worsen the situation. Drinking clean water can help to build up body immune system and stay healthy. Get yourself a reliable water filter at home to protect everyone health. Meanwhile, prevent cough and cold, such as exercise, drinking yogurt, and stop alcohol intake or smoking.

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