Can Water Help On High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

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In Malaysia, heart disease is the No. 1 killer. Problem such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure may cause serious heart problem. Let’s look into this and figure out how we can prevent it.


According to The Star news report, 47.7% of Malaysian had high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a waxy lipid found inside the cells and blood. Our liver produced cholesterol naturally, but “bad” cholesterol could be from the food we eat, which mainly the animal fats. Cholesterol is needed to produce cell walls, and building block to produce hormones, bile acids, and Vitamin D.

However, too much of cholesterol in our body may cause the thickening and hardening of artery wall, then affects the blood flow to slowed down, or even blocked. Blood carry oxygen into our body cell. If there is less blood, the heart will have less oxygen too. This can result chest pain and heart attack.


To improve the situation of artery wall thickening, drinking water can help thin the blood, a natural way to let the blood flow more smoothly. If our body is dehydrated, the blood will become acidic and build up the cholesterol LDL level. Consume plenty of water can keep your blood clean by flushing out the excessive cholesterol waste from the body. Also, water can also help to improve the metabolic rate, which is important to lower down the cholesterol.


Besides of cholesterol, high blood pressure is something we should take care to avoid heart disease. Blood pressure often refers to the force of blood pushing against artery as it flows throughout the body. Having high blood pressure can lead to illness such as heart disease and stroke. It often doesn’t have any symptoms, which is also know as the silent killer.


High blood pressure can be improved with several ways, such as quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, and losing weight. Consuming excessive amount of salt from the food will affect the blood pressure. Fortunately, drinking water can help to flush out the sodium from the body. If the body is lack of water, the blood flow to our kidneys, which functioned to clean our blood, will be reduced. This will tighten the veins and arteries, therefore the blood pressure will rise.


Now, we all know that water can help to encounter high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Regular exercise and balanced diet are important to keep our heart healthy. Make sure your water is filtered before consuming. Shop for your home indoor and outdoor water filter today!

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