MEO mask was designed in New Zealand by Auckland-based Healthy Breath Limited. The idea of creating a game-changing urban face mask came from the direct experience of the Healthy Breath team with air pollution in Asia, and the realisation that many face masks currently in the market do not adequately protect users.

The vision to create a face mask which provides superior filtration and yet highly breathable was key to the innovation. At the same time, the Healthy Breath team also knew that technical face masks are usually boring, hence a fashionable yet fully functional face mask would be a key differentiator for MEO.

Product Story

cleaner air,
pure & simple

Everything about MEO™ sets it apart from typical face masks. MEO™ gives you a choice of interchangeable outer covers. It’s so comfortable and breathable you’ll forget you’re wearing it. You also have total confidence that it’s protecting you from dangerous particles you can’t see, but present in the air you breathe.

Science on your side

Using scientifically selected wool from sheep in New Zealand, the Helix™ Filter Media is extremely efficient at capturing PM2.5 particles. Anti-bacterial qualities assist to reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu. It can also retain toxins such as formaldehyde.

Design for your life

Extensive research and careful design have resulted in a mask that can be moulded to fit every face securely. Its distinctive shape and unique wool filter reduces the build-up of moisture and heat which is common with other masks. The filters have extended particle capture ability, resulting in superior performance.

Flexible yet elegant

Thanks to our collaboration with international designer Karen Walker, each MEO™ Karen Walker Collection Mask comes with four different interchangeable covers so that you can choose a fresh look every day to go with your cleaner air.

How to contact us?

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