Water pH Value Does Matter

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Do you still remember how pH value was being introduced in the class during our primary school? We were given litmus paper to test if the liquids are acidic or alkaline. Generally, pH value is the indicator for acidity, alkalinity, or neutral. The lower the value, the higher the acidity. The higher the value, the more alkalinity it is. If the pH value show 7, the substance is neutral.


Let’s see some examples from the photo below:


Is The Water pH Value Important

pH value is a good indicator to tell if the water is hard or soft. The value of pure water is 7. An acidic water, which pH <6.5 is acidic, soft, and corrosive. Acidic water may contain metal ions such as iron, manganese, copper, lead, and zinc. This may cause damage to the metal piping and have metallic or sour taste. The laundry, sinks, and drains will have “blue-green” colour stain on it. To treat acidic water, we often use neutralizer which contain sodium carbonate by increasing the pH.


Alkalinity water, which is also hard water affects our daily life and health too. Alkali taste water may change the taste of the coffee. Not only that, it will also form the scale on the dishes, utensil, and laundry basin. The scale will also damage the household appliances and pipe clogging problem.


An ideal pH level of the water should be 6 to 8.5 in order to maintain constant pH level of our body. Our stomach is naturally low pH (level 2), which help us with digesting the food we intake. Make sure the water you consume are clean too by getting your house water filtration system.

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