Your Pets Deserve Clean Water Too

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Ask yourself two questions:

– Are you feeding your furry kids unfiltered water?
– Are you using unfiltered water for cleaning, washing, and cooking?

In fact, unfiltered water contains harmful elements that risk the health not only to you family, as well as your pet too. The elements such as Chlorine, Fluoride, and heavy metals are potentially cause diseases and disorder to cats and dogs. Cats are especially picky about their water, they unlikely to drink the water that sit out for long as the oxygen lost. Not only the water, but the water bowl should also clean frequently to avoid bacteria growth.

Some pets need water not to drink but absorb. For example, frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians need water to keep their skin and body hydrated. The better the water quality, the longer they will live. The water quality highly affects the fish life too. If the water contains high chlorine or ammonia, they hardly live in the water. Also, some fish need certain pH value water in the tank to have a proper living environment. Do check with the aquarium retailer on the details before purchase.


Dehydration Signs in Cats and Dogs

You can check the pet’s gum if they are dehydrated. Lift their lips till expose the gum, place you index finger on the gum and press into the gum.

Hydrated: The blood on the spot should return in less than 2 seconds. Gum in wet condition.
Dehydrated: Respond delay of the blood on the spot return time. Finger stick to the gum.

There are more dehydration signs of the pets, which include sunken eyes, dry mouth, poor skin elasticity, lethargy, increased heart rate, and constipation.

Now you understand that the water is important to your pets. Make sure you provide them better water quality, as they deserve clean water too. Install indoor water filters today to protect your loved one’s health. Need some advice which one is suitable for your situation? Talk to our experts today for assistant.

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