Air Pollution Can Triggers Allergy

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As the technology evolve, the pollution is getting serious upon the land, water, and atmosphere. The chemicals or waste such as pesticides, paints, fuels, and etc have accumulated along the years. It happened to appear in places such as our food, water, even the air we breathe.

When such elements go into our body with overwhelmed amount, it can result allergic reaction. The common symptoms of allergic includes sneezing, congestion, difficulties of breathing, wheezing, running nose, itchiness, rashes, watery eyes, etc.

Talking about air allergy, it often caused by airborne bacteria, dust, pollen, mould, dust mites.  These may cause hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. What should we do to get rid of these health problems?

Ways To Reduce Airborne Allergy Reaction

– Shower before going to bed –
Get yourself shower before going to bed may seems a small action, but it helps to wash off the allergen from your hair and skin.

– Get air purifier in the house and room –
Putting air purifier at your living area such as public area and room can help to capture tiny particles and purify the air, especially with HEPA filtration function. HEPA filters capture dust, pollen, mould, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns. By then, you are breathing purer air.

– Wear mask in the public –
Although it is common to wear a mask since Covid-19 pandemic, it also helps to reduce the occurrence of allergy. Wearing the right mask can prevent the airborne particles go into our body through the breath.

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