Your Body Needs Water

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As we know, the water makes up 70% of our body weight. Water is very important for our body mechanism to function well. The drop of water supply in our body may trigger several health issue:

– Dehydration
– Short term memory
– Difficulty to focus

Why is water so important to our body?

The lubricant for your body
The water serves as medium in digestion and other body processes. The water in the saliva helps on the chewing and swallow our food easily. The water also lubricates our joints to move fluidly. If our body dehydrated, it will cause our joint, knee and back pain, which lead to injuries and arthritis. Our eyeballs need water to function and remain healthy too.

Control your body temperature
You may be surprised, but water is very important to control our body temperature. When we are feeling hot, the sweat will evaporate which produces cooling effect. On the other hand, when we are in a cold environment, the skin will shunt the blood away from surface to maintain the body temperature. The blood plasma buffers the body’s pH, circulate the antibodies from immune system, and also regulating osmotic balance.

Removes harmful toxins our from body
When our body have sufficient water, it helps to flushes out the toxins and waste of our body through urination and sweat. The water help reducing constipation and aids in bowel movements as it ensures the waste removed quickly before it become poisonous. If our body is dehydrated, the waste will build up and cause headaches, toxicity, and illness. Sufficient water in our body will lessen the burden of our kidney and liver by flushing out the waste in our body

Transports nutrients into your body
Our body get the nutrients from the food we consume. The nutrients from the food are broken down in the digestive system and become water-soluble. The water will allow the nutrient pass through the capillaries within the intestinal walls to the blood and circulatory system. The nutrients and oxygen will be distributed throughout the body to the cells and organs.

Also, consume sufficient of water may prevent diseases such as colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. For athletes, increasing the water intake helps to reduce muscle fatigue and cramp as the muscle glycogen concentration increased.

Make sure you have sufficient water intake everyday to maintain your health.

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