Frizzlife Replacement Filter Cartridge FZ – 3


FZ-3 Upgraded Compatible Replacement Filter Cartridge For MK99 & MP99 

  • It’s the only core filter cartridge you will need to replace for them. Quick Change and NO TOOLS REQUIRED.
  • Each FZ-3 replacement filter cartridge lasts for 8-12 months or 1,600 gallon of water (also depends on your feed water quality). To get better filtration performance, it is recommended to change filter every 6-8 months.


  • 0.5 micron Two-stage composite filter (2-in-1 compound sediment filter cartridge)
  • Block carbon filter cartridge reduces particles, such as sand silt, and rust from the water.
  • Reduces 99.99% of Heavy Metals such as LEAD, MERCURY, CADMIUM; CHLORINE, ODOR, PARTICLES and VOCs from water!


New Upgraded Filter Cartridge

Scale Inhibition 

Besides its premium removing capability, FZ-3 is capable of inhibiting limescale build-up in a more economic way.

Also extends the service life of water filter system and water appliances.

Longer service life 

Based on the technology of FZ-2, FZ-3 adopts pleated polypropylene, the lifespan of which is much longer than normal one.

Besides, pleated polypropylene & carbon compound cartridge is less likely to be clogged, thus extends the lifespan. 

What’s inside the box:

1 x FZ – 3 Replacement Cartridge


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