Frizzlife Water Filter MK99


What’s inside the box:

– 1 x housing with cartridge inside
– 1 x inlet hose
– 1 x outlet hose
– 1 x white tape
– 2 x housing wrench
– 4 x screws


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Full system has been tested by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI 42/53

2-in-1 Advanced Composite Filter
Premium Filtration Performance

MK99 filter cartridge functions as two filters combined. Your drinking water experiences 2 stages of filtration before going to your cup!

Sediment filter cartridge (0.5 micron)
Reduces particles, such as sand silt, and rust from the water.
Block carbon filter cartridge (0.5 micron)
Reduces 99.99% of Heavy Metals such as LEAD, MERCURY, CADMIUM; CHLORINE, ODOR, PARTICLES, VOCs and much more from water.

Advanced composite filter removes over 99.99% of harmful contaminants while leaving in all essential minerals. No more turbidity, odors or unpleasant taste.


Easy Cartridge Replacement
Auto Shut-off Design

The filter cap is designed with a auto shut off switch. You don’t even need to shut off the water supply whenever you work on the filter cartridge replacement. All you need to do is twisting the filter cap, replace the filter cartridge, then enjoy pure water again. The whole replacement process takes less than 3 minutes. No tools required.

Great Money Saver
70% lower future costs

MK99 abandons conventional all-in-one filter but uses replaceable filter cartridges. In other words, when it is time to replace the filter, you only need to replace the cartridge inside, instead of throwing away the entire plastic housing.

Meanwhile, you are also making contribution to environment protection!

Multi Usage
DIY Your Own Water Route

MK99 filtered water can also go to your refrigerator and ice maker. With the help of Frizzlife IMC-2 Ice Maker Installation Kit, you can easily complete the multi usage installation on your own, which can better serve your need.

Combination of both MK99 and MP99 filter system will allow you have both clear water from main faucet and drinking faucet. The drinking faucet will have purified water filtered after both 2 filter systems.

Why TDS Is Not Dropping?
What is TDS?

TDS means total dissolved solids. It is mostly used for Reverse Osmosis systems to measure the performance of a RO membrane.

Most of the bottled water from super market also has HIGH TDS, since the water has health-benefiting minerals inside.

Frizzlife MK99 keeps health-benefiting minerals in your water

Essential minerals were leaving behind such as Calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc…

However, these essential minerals are dissolved solids, PPM WILL NOT BE DROPPING IF YOU TEST WITH A TDS METER.


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