Improving Your Health With Clean Water

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Do you know that clean water can attribute living longer? According to Dr. Jeffrey Griffiths of Tuft University School of Medicine, consuming clean water improve our health. Here is how:

Reduce Fatigue

One of the signs of dehydration is fatigue. When you’re dehydrated, your blood pressure is affected. The blood flow to the brain will decrease and potentially making you feel sleepy and fatigued. Drinking water can help the blood pressure flow better.

Maintain Memory

Do you know that human brain contains 95% of water? Dehydrated can reduce your mental energy and decrease your memory capability.

Maintain Skin Condition

Just like other cell in the body, our skin needs water to maintain the functionality. With sufficient water, it helps maintain your skin’s elasticity and less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles, and soft lines, which is the signs of aging.

Improve Digestion And Nutrient Absorption

The water in the small and large intestines help to break down the food and carry the nutrients and oxygen to the cell. From there, your body will absorb the nutrient needed and keep your body healthy.

Remove Toxin From Body

When body don’t have sufficient water, the colon will turn dry and get stuck, then causes constipation. The water is the natural lubricant that soften the stool and improve the moment of the bowels, and flush out the toxin from the body.

Blood Circulation and Body Cooling System

Staying hydrated helps improve the blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Drinking warm water can strongly beneficial as it encourages the veins to expand, allowing more room for blood to flow.

Dehydration can cause the body heat increase. Drinking water can help to reduce body temperature by cooling the body internally.

Reduce Colon Cancer and Bladder Cancer

Sufficient water in the body can help decreasing bowel transit time, which reduce the risk of colon cancer. Also, it helps to dilute the concentration in urine and helping to flush them out the bladder faster.

Lubricate Joints

The articular disk between the joint need water to function well. Water intake helps to lubricate and reduce inflammation around the joint. Water is also important for muscle too. Muscle tissue consists of about 75 percent water, which help the muscles to form protein, stabilizing and protecting joints.

Water play an important role in healthy lifestyle. The water quality that we consume is just as important as the quantity of water that we intake. Water filtration system removes contaminants that harmful to body health, which potentially adding more toxin in the body. Start enjoying clean water today!

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