Water Quality Affects Your Hair And Skins

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Since we are young, we are educated to drink clean water, else we will be getting sick. Our body needs water to function well and keep our skin hydrated. The water helps the body on digestion and eliminates toxins in our body. In fact, not only water in kitchen, but the water that we use on daily cores and clean up are important too.


Water affects our skin condition too

Did you noticed that our skin become dull and dry if we not drinking water for few hours? The water helps to keep the skin smooth, elastic, and wrinkle free. As shared in this article, we are dehydrated even if lost 1 – 2 % of water in the body. Drinking sufficient water helps the body flush out the toxins and keep the skin clean.

How do we know if the water we consume is sufficient? It is recommended to drink 8 cups or 2 litre of water daily. If you exercise regularly or work under hot temperature, it is recommended to drink more water than recommended

The quality of water is also important as the quantity of water too. If consume or use contaminated water, it may increase the toxicity in the body. The water may be contaminated from pipes, pesticides, acid rain, stagnant tangki, toxic wate dumping, etc. Before using the water, it is crucial to removes harmful substances such as Chlorine.


Chlorine is harmful to your body

Your hair and skin condition reflect the water quantity and quality you consume and use. Do you know that the Chlorine in water is harmful to your body? Chlorine is commonly used to kill germs and bacteria in the water by the government before transport to our house. If the shower water is not filtered and contain Chlorine, our skin will absorb and inhaled through the lung. There are more bad effects bathe or shower with chlorinated water:

– Damage and breakdown the hair protein
– Destroy natural protective oil on skin and hair
– Dry and frizzy hair (coarse, static, tangle and breakage hair)
– Blemish and wrinkle on skin

All the above can easily affects your appearance!

In the modern world, clean water doesn’t come naturally, especially living in city. To lower the chances of consuming chlorinated water, it is encouraged to install point of use water filtration system. It helps to remove wide range of harmful substances to protect you and your family health.

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