MEO™ Lite Helix Filter Pack of 3


MEOTM Lite Filter (Helix Filter)

  • Weight:45g
  • Inside box:MEO™ Lite Helix Filter Pack of 3
  • Standard:AS/NZS 1716:2012
  • Size:One size fits all
  • Material:Wool
  • Recommended Filter Life: 10 days / filter

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What Is In The Box

3x MEO™ Lite Helix Filters

Its many advantages include

  • Superior electrostatic performance for capturing particles
  • Removes noxious gases
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria
  • Made from a renewable resource
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 3D ergonomic design
  • Infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract


MEO™ natural filter uses scientifically selected wool from sheep specially breed in Wanaka, New Zealand.


One size fit all


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